Sometimes I feel like crying. As you know if you've visited here more than once or twice, I've said goodbye to both Mom and Dad within the past ten years. And I've said enough goodbyes to family members to be done with that.

When I see friends or hear stories of folk in the news who are meeting incredible challenges with grace, dignity and courage, I want to find them and hug them. But that isn't always possible. Sometimes they are across the ocean. Sometimes they want to be alone - for a little bit. And amazingly, they just keep on plugging away regardless of the magnitude of the issue.

Sometimes I feel like asking others, "Have you ever gone through anything hard, really hard?" Sometimes, I want to give people a little nudge and remind them that life can be amazingly difficult. Sometimes when I see people who are extremely concerned with the trivial and see them giving those things the importance of things that matter, I just want "to slap 'em." I know, it's isn't a very Christian sort of response...But still.

Maybe, just maybe, that's what happened when Jesus went through the temple that day. (Matthew 21:12) Perhaps He was thinking of what really mattered and couldn't believe what He found there.

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Ahhhh Grace:

I hear you. I am guilty. Slap me if it will make you feel better. I've already been slapped today by another, but that's something I need to take to God and not flesh it out here.

Heaven will be a wonderful place of abiding, will it not?

Moving on the perfection~elaine