No Cake for You

Saturday I found myself laughing at the big box store again. I'd stopped in to get a few things for the house as well as a cake for a baby shower I was hostessing with a friend. There were a couple of people in line at the bakery window, so I went straight to the pre-ordered refrigerator to find my cake. Alas, it wasn't there, so I had to stand in the line. (I'd sent JJ off to get more of his favorite energy drink - Dr. Pepper - as he hates waiting almost as much as his dad....)

The man in the white hat came out and helped the gals in front of me ever so happily. Then the lady right in front of me upset his procedure and asked for something that seemed quite logical to me: "Do you have any blank cakes with decorations, but no words? These all say 'Happy Birthday' but I need it for something else. I'm happy to take it home and add my own greeting."

"Ma'am, these all have to be pre-ordered. No, we do not sell blank cakes. If you want a blank cake you need to allow 24 hours for it to be decorated blankly." Honest. That's what he said. She was nice enough, but I'm sure the folks over at the nearby grocery store were happy to help her. They probably even added her "Happy 50th Anniversary" or "Go USA." They might not have even charged her for it.

Some of my best stories come from that big box store. But I must confess; sometimes I think of my good friends who live in a small town in England and go to market everyday and their grocer knows them by name and what kind of steak, bangers or sweets they like best. And no one is chomping at the bit to claim their parking spot. But that's another story for another day. I need to go get milk...


sister sheri said...

How ridiculous! I mean that store is all about being blank! You just have to order it 24hours ahead of time?

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

OK...my son's dorm fridge (which is currently residing upstairs in his bedroom) is full of DP. He and his brother go through so much of it, I've stopped buying it!

24 hours for a blank cake? It rarely takes me 24 seconds to come up with something blank. In fact, I'm feeling rather blank today. I've been blank for days now since hubby and son have been gone.

They return on Sat. night.

Oh well, more zoo stories this week. Stay tuned for something...

wait...I'm currently unable to remember just exactly what that something might be.

Blank. See what I mean?


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

What a lazy baker. That's pretty much what it comes down to. Too bad he wasn't working on commission. Ha!
I'm glad you had a great VBS week. I'm feeling quite overwhelmed at directing this year-first time and all and I want to cry. We start Aug 4th and I am living an breathing VBS work. Although, I'm sitting here checking blogs at the moment-what a slacker I am.
Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)