Fries or Onion Rings

Just seeing this photo triggers some lovely "smemories." You know, memories of burgers cooking on the open pit barbeque, fries coming out of extremely hot pans of oil, along with some onion rings and barbeque sauce all mixed with the hint of the freshly mowed grass from the lawn outside the car.

This restaurant is in Oklahoma City (where I grew up ~ mostly). It's unique in that it is huge, but only a drive-in. They didn't bring your food out on roller skates, but that's ok. We weren't in that big a hurry when I was little. If you're ever going through Oklahoma, chart your course to stop at 2701 N.W. Expressway right in the middle of the state. You can count on an incredible dining experience.

I've been thinking of Oklahoma memories a bit more than usual this month. My high school had a big reunion there last weekend. We'd considered going, but things are a bit busier than normal these days. Last night I found a lovely e-mail from one of my best buddies in my inbox. We had some really fun adventures from 7th grade to graduation. Found out she's a new mom with a four year old. Wow.

Additionally, she referred me to some photos on the internet of our classmates at the reunion. She must have given me the wrong website. Those people are not the people I knew in school. They couldn't possibly be the same folks I hung out with at the Charcoal Oven. Although the photos on their name tags did look slightly familiar.....


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

My dad's family is from OK and we spent every summer there. Not on the OK City side but over by Tulsa/Stillwater. We thought Sonic was a dream. Us northerners don't have the luxury of drive ins. I could go for a cherry lime-ade about now. :)

Anonymous said...

Howdy! ;)

I bounced in through SCL and found out you live in Ca., in which I was born and raised. Then I find out that you grew up in Okc, which is where I currently live. How could I not leave a comment?!? We are estranged relatives, 3rd dimensional cousins of sorts!

I loved Charcoal Oven, though it has been a few years since I stopped in. Living in Edmond I rarely make it down that way.

I bet I miss my home state more than you! :P

Give California a hug for me, tell her I am planning a visit next summer to teach my kids to surf (pray for good waves).