No Whining Zone

If you've eaten at this restaurant, you'll recognize it immediately.  If not, well, I'm not going to get caught up in the whole advertising-on-a-blog debate...

I'm here with my cousin Bob and my very good friend, Claudia.  We've each had some fairly rough years recently.  But in the midst of it ~ look at those smiles!  Just look!  Some seasons of our lives are like that.  "Like what?" you may be asking.  Times when you're just not sure if getting out of bed is worth it.  If making dinner matters.  If wearing clean clothes is a good idea, because you can save time & effort on laundry if you wear those jeans just one more day.

Life has its ebbs & flows.  (The only person I knew who ever used the phrase "ebbs & flows" now resides in heaven.)  Good seasons come and bad seasons follow.  But regardless, God is with us.  There's never a better time to remember that than during Christmastime.

Long ago, God came to Earth in human form.  Mary wore pale blue.  The angels sang and the cows moo'd.  And then far too few years passed, and the Baby was hung on a tree.  Not a beautiful Christmas tree with garland, lights and ornaments. It was a rough, dirty, scandalous tree.  And on our worst days, in our worst seasons, during our worst times, none of us can imagine what it was like.  The pain, the agony, the horror.  All to give us a future and a Hope.

And because Christ came, because He loved, because He Is ~ We can make it.

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