Good Tidings

It's been a good week here in Sunny so far. On Monday I had breakfast with a friend named Patti. Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend named Patti. I may need to form some sort of club as I realized I have quite a few Patti's in my life. That's a good thing, as they are all wonderful women.

The traffic has been horrid here since we've had a smidgen of rain. Southern California does not handle rain well. We go a bit loopy. And it's so stinkin' cold! Down in the 60's no less...

O such trivial matters... This past week has been so heartbreaking with the tragedy in Connecticut. First being spellbound to watch the news, now it's almost unbearable. Knowing children died was hard enough ~ but seeing their faces and hearing their names is sadness beyond belief.

Our prayers have been and will be with all the families affected for many months to come. Their pain is unimaginable. Their grief will follow different paths and eventually they will work through it. But that is not the same as getting over it. How does a parent ever get over losing a child? Or realize it was your cousin or brother who was responsible for all the devastating horror?

In the midst of it all we have Christmas. God with Us. The Prince of Peace.

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