Such Fun

We recently had a bridal shower for our dear Honey. Doesn't she look amazing?!? But then, who wouldn't look amazing when they're as incredibly happy as Honey...

Now, about the other "brides." If you have any information as to the origin of this oh-so-classic shower game, please pass that along. I'm sure we'd like to know the history. It really is fun and looks so completely ridiculous. Laughter is the only appropriate response. And laughter is just about the best possible thing two weeks before a wedding.

Things are a bit of a flutter here in Sunny and up north in Honey's house. We've got boxes full of love and cards full of wonderful wishes all about the place. Please keep JJ and Honey in your prayers as the job searches continue and thoughts of apartments, budgets, pots-n-pans, linens and all the wedding fun mix with all the thoughts of grown-up responsibilities.

What a special season!


Cindy said...

Wedding preparations are so much fun.

Congratulations to them both.

Enjoy the next few days.

Beth E. said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe that the wedding is just two weeks away!

Of course I will pray for JJ and Honey. Our boys looked for a long time before they found their summer jobs. I'm sure that permanent full-time jobs are even harder to acquire.

Have a blessed weekend!