JJ and Honey arrived on Monday night! We're having a lovely celebration around here. We're not sure what the primary celebrating is about ~ the choices are graduation, home from the university, engagement or the very soon-to-be wedding. Regardless, we're doing a lot of smiling.

Last night the festivities did take a different turn, however. JJ brought home a few small firecrackers (we can't purchase these in Sunny, but you can in LA north of here). He set off a small one in the middle of the afternoon. Max was not happy. After dinner, JJ set off a couple of crazy (very safe, thank you) sparkly-shiny-shoot-all-over-the-patio ones. Max became hysterical. A few hours later, after the puppy-sized-dose of Benadryl took affect, he was starting to calm down.

I suppose we'll make sure Max stays home when we all go to the lake on the fourth of July. Maybe he can watch the celebration on PBS, although we'll turn off the surround sound...


Beth E. said...

Poor Max. Our dog, Blondie, is extremely scared of thunderstorms and FIREWORKS! We have to keep her inside during the week leading up to July 4, AND July 4 itself. Her vet prescribed a sedative we start giving her during that week to prepare her for the big day. We call it "Doggy Dope!"Anyway, I'm sure Blondie understands exactly what Max was feeling! LOL

So glad you are having happy days in Sunny!

Daughter of Zion said...

Hey Max. Shepp my border collie goes wild when he hears loud noises. He even ate the window frame to try get into the house....so we totally understand you.