Almost Grown-Up

JJ is frequently reminding me that these are not our puppies...But still. How can you resist falling in love with each and every one of these little angels?

From left to right:
Lucy, Sam, Frodo, Rhino, Mr. French, Bruce, Amber, Honey, Buffy, Tinkerbell and Pongo

Next time I'll try to share their faces with you. But on this day, their faces were smooshed into their respective bowls on a very important mission.

Happy Memorial Week-end!


sister sheri said...

Interesting how you can tell them apart by the backside! Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you, too!

Beth E. said...

Hahaha! I love sister sheri's comment!

I'm thinking you are awfully attached to these pups....I'm wondering if one will make it's way home with you??? ;o)