Yes, That's Right

It's been a bit crazy around our house in Sunny. For one thing ~ it's been raining. This should not happen. Max may have a bladder issue of some sort as he is petrified to go outside in the rain. We have to push him out the door. And then he looks at us with those large brown eyes that ask, "What did I ever do to You?" But rain is a good thing! We desperately need it this year as we're facing water rationing soon.

We've had good friends in town for a week or so to attend a conference for children's pastors and I had encouraged them to "come on out" to attend it and stay with us. Hence, major cleaning of the house was in order as well as a few extra brushing sessions for poor Max. He is not sure the Furminator is his friend. But it was worth it as he got in extra cozy time while we were at the conference from dawn till, well, until the wee hours...or so it seemed.

Saturday we had our first major training for the Children's Ministry team and it was delightful! To see a room full of older teenagers, busy moms, busy dads and realize they'd come out in the midst of a rainy day when we all would rather stay in and snuggle a couple of extra hours....well...it just warms your heart. We played games, laughed, shared ideas and learned a little bit more how precious children are to God's heart. Good times.

Tuesday, however. (I think we have far too many Tuesdays in life.) On Tuesday I returned a call to a sweet woman who'd left a note expressing interest in joining our ministry team. She was a precious lady with years of experience teaching school. I couldn't wait to meet her! I suggested we get together for coffee soon. We set the date and then began discussing a location. "Where do you live?" she asked. I mentioned that I am in the office every day and a Starbucks close by would be the easiest spot to meet.

"Oh. So you have an actual job there?"

I've been thinking of taking Max in with me once in a while. I suppose I should leave him home when I'm set to meet this sweet new friend. She might think I was just out walking the dog for the morning... :)


Beth E. said...

Our dog hates the rain, too! Especially thunder...she totally freaks out. She's been doing that a lot, lately. You'll have to look at my blog and find the most recent post about our dog, Blondie. She's been a very busy girl. :o)

Glad to hear that the training for the Children's Ministry team was successful!

Also glad to hear you got some rain. We've been through water rationing before in our town. It's horrible!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

As a pastor's wife, I can completely relate to her question. Most people think my husband only works one day a week.

Too funny.


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I had to comment because I was reading a Philipa Gregory book this week and the word Foibles was in it. It's a real word and you used it correctly!! Too funny.

Just thought I would share. :)

sister sheri said...

LOL! Sounds like the age old question... "Do you stay at home or have a real job?" hee hee!