Happy Valentine's Day!

The sun has returned and all is well here in Sunny. It's a bit too damp for DJ to mow the lawn, which is good news for me and not so good news for Max. We've put the fixin's in the bread machine to have oatmeal delight later this afternoon. I should find our good maple tea from Canada to accompany it. Come on over!

Our Saturday paper has a religion section with news of who's doing what where to help people serve God. So during breakfast, I try to keep up with the competition ~ oops, sorry ~ the other churches here in town. We are all on the same team. Well, mostly... I read one ad that peaked my curiosity. "Gathering of Goddesses" ~ it gave the time and location and instructed all who want to join in to bring a drum or percussion instrument of some sort.

And to think, I used to chuckle at the older ladies who wanted to sit up front on Sunday night and play their tambourines... I wonder if these gals have rules on make-up, dresses, pantsuits or earrings. I'll bet the Goddesses an interesting time together. But somehow, I don't think they'll be pulling out the book of James or looking into 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13 to hear about love the way we did when I was watching the tambourine ladies.

Sometimes I forget how much variety there is in our little town. The people in line next to us at the Big Box store may have an entirely different world view. Perhaps I should invite a few neighbors over for some oatmeal bread with jam and hot tea this afternoon. It seems like a good way to celebrate Valentine's Day.


Beth E. said...

I love oatmeal bread..and jam...AND tea. Sounds like you're having a delightful afternoon!

It's evening here, the skies are gloomy. We've had a good day, despite the weather. We're still celebrating our youngest son's birthday. He has friends over, so it's pizza and a great big chocolate chip birthday cookie at our house!

Have a great weekend...

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, I went line dancing in the church fellowship last evening with the "ancients." I'm not kidding. We had a Valentine's banquet and their entertaining of us was the specialty of the night. They get together and practice 3 or 4 times a week. You should have seen them. No instruments, just their failing knees and hips. Too precious.