A Little Rumbly

It's been a rumbly-tumbly day. Mostly my tummy. Master Max has done a fantastic job of trying to help me feel better, but it is the highlight of his week to snuggle outside in the sunshine too. So he has ulterior motives. As much credit as we'd like to give him, he does still usually think of himself first. Unless of course, we have strangers approaching or those wild creatures in the garden. Then he's all about protecting his house. He has an amazing set of lungs when he decides to use them. I guess it's a good thing that most of the time he just wants to sit in the sun...

I must share a recent adventure from visiting the local Juice Restaurant. It was on Wednesday I believe. We'd stopped in to get a snack and I ordered the Strawberries Wild. It was right up there on the column on the right side of the large menu board behind the cashier wearing the large patriotic hat. (Which seemed a bit odd on a Wednesday well after Labor Day and far too early for the elections...) He asked, "What?" "The strawberries wild." "What's in that?" "Well, according to the menu it is strawberries, banana and some non-fat yogurt." "O.K., we can do that." "Would you like a free boost?" "Sure. Protein." "Would you like that free?" "...Sure."

The machine went grumble, grumble, gurgle and I had my lovely treat ready to go. I spotted some nice pastries in the display and thought I'd give in and have a little sourdough Parmesan twist. "I'd like one of those, too." "No." "No?" "We don't have any." "But there's about a dozen right here." "Oh. Those are fake Ma'am. The only ones we have are completely frozen until tomorrow." "Oh." "Would you like something else from the display case, Ma'am?"

I merely raised my little Strawberries Wild as if toasting the young man and his hat and smiled and quietly left to find my friend at Starbucks next door. They have real things for sale in their stores...


Cindy said...

Strawberries Wild ~ my absolute favorite from the Jamba place.
No Starbucks for me, well, unless it's a Strawberr Frap!!
Have a good weekend.

Kentucky Bound said...

Thanks to you, I don't have to leave myself to get a taste of the absurdity of the world! I was shattered on a recent trip to DQ when I ordered a "twist" cone and they informed me that they don't have "twist" cones. OK, so I'll have a chocolate cone. Then they informed me that they don't have chocolate soft serve. No "they're not out, they don't carry it!" What is the world coming to? Fake pastries, service personnel with the intelligence of a flea (sorry fleas), and NO CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM at DQ!

So for now, I'm going to shut myself away here on the farm with my animals and get my dose of the real world from you!

Blessings and hugs from the creek!