12 Smooshes High

The Red Team was the winner this morning! Well, actually both teams 'won.' How can you pick between two teams full of speed, innocence and effort?? The prize they each got to take home was a cd we're using for our worship in kids church all year...so that's a winner all the way around!

And I found a great way to use two shirts left over from our VBFW (Vacation Bible Fun Week). The "whippers" 'won' those also...

I wonder if long ago, when Jesus was telling those stories by the sea, if he knew that one day we would be finding ways to tell those same beautiful stories and we'd be using pancakes with massive amounts of red, green, yellow or purple food coloring, tons of whipped cream from a squirter (not a cow) and worship songs with bass that rock the floor sometimes... Hmmm... Well, we certainly do know He had an amazing love for children ~ and still does.


Beth E. said...

Sounds like you're doing a great job teaching the children about Jesus while having tons of fun!

It was through our Children's Church that both of our boys made professions of faith when they were quite young. They have received continuous instruction through various children's/youth programs over the years. Our youngest, Bo, is part of the Youth Praise Team. He sings, plays the drums/bass, and has recently surprised us with the discovery that he can play the piano! I say all of this to emphasize that the relationship each son has with God is a direct result of the seeds planted in Children's Church. Praise God for you and the many others who instruct our children!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment...sounds like a very interesting dinner that you had!


Kentucky Bound said...

I wanna come play with you!

Blessings and hugs from the creek!


Amy said...

Looks like 'FLIPT''s opening activity. We flipped, and whipped, red & blue pancakes.

What a fun job we have!