Abuzz, truly abuzz...

It seemed that life here in Sunny had slowed down a bit this week...JJ is back at the university, school is back in session for the little ones in our world, Gramma & Grandpa are set to leave on holiday soon and our friends have returned to their home up north... And then tonight it hit me how much it had slowed down. We, the three of us, were watching a bug. It was buzzing in our living room and we were all three staring at it. The football game was on the big screen and yet...

Master Max had been watching the ceiling and ever since we had our big Eucalyptus trees trimmed he hasn't been too concerned about the leaves falling on the roof. So DJ turned down the football game so we could listen for the bug and help Max find it. Pitiful! Isn't that just pitiful!

We were all in a tither when we realized that the bug he wanted to catch was actually a bee. "DJ!! We can't let him catch that!" So we tried to distract him as much as possible, and then standing there in the middle of the room -- Max started to attack DJ's shirt. The bee had landed on his back. In a blaze of motion, DJ swashed it (I think that's a real word) off and it hit the sofa. DJ captured it in a rag and tossed it -- well, far away -- where Max would remain safe from the horrors of a bee sting.

And then we realized...the towel he'd used was our "Touchdown Towel" and Master Max promptly took the appropriate run around the family room, just as if he was indeed the victor or perhaps he was proud of his papa for conquering the curious creature and saving us all from horrors unknown.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yes, this is truly pitiful when a bee and a dog warrants your deep and abiding attention.

I'll be praying for a snow storm or something to head your way!


Cindy said...

Though it may seem pitiful ~ At least you know how to have fun.
You could have been like me last night ~ holding a fly swatter trying to capture a mosquito ~ No luck. Those things are sneaky.
Have a blessed day, Cindy

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

This made me laugh. What a funny little tale of Master Max and his honey friend. :)