Oh Dear Sister Sheri...

Thank you so much for asking about how Max helped me cook our Thanksgiving meal.  As you can see, he's quite the assistant in the kitchen.  When I need say, a stock of celery or perhaps a carrot, he's right there helping me find it in the refrigerator.  "Look Mom!  It's right next to the cheese!  Our fabulous cheese!!"  Or perhaps searching for an onion ~ here he comes running...  "Look Mom!  It's right in the cupboard next to my box of treats!  Wouldn't this be a fabulous time to give me a treat, Mom?"

Oh such silliness.  But in the midst of smoking a turkey for 8 or so hours, setting the table with the finest china, making sure everything was coming together beautifully... When Max stood up like this to check on the mashed potatoes, I had to grab my camera.  And yes, the potatoes were the best part of our dinner, blessed with extra love and laughter!

Now if Max learns how to pick up the wooden spoon and stir things, that will be an entirely different post Sheri!

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sister sheri said...

Oh, my! What a cutie! And such a good helper!