This Ain't Prettyville

Tonight ~ Sept. 15, please check out Chonda Pierce's show on CMT. It's on here in Sunny at 5 or 8 pm, depending on your tv access. If it's dish it's one time/cable, the other.

It will have laughter. It might have singing, not sure about any dancing. But I know it will connect with your heart at some point. You can count on Chonda for that! Because she knows the Heart-Connector and He's gifted her with this ability.

Her skill as a comedienne is fabulous, no doubt about it. But her love is greater. And that's one of the reasons I'll be watching CMT tonight for an hour. I'll also ask Honey to make us all some Sweet Tea so we can raise our glasses a time or two...

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Beth E. said...

Aw, shucks...I missed it! Hopefully, I'll catch her again sometime. I love her!