Interesting Changes

We've probably all seen the video from the VMA awards by now. You know the one...the one everyone is talking about on facebook, twitter, cnn and such. I feel so sorry for Taylor Swift and so proud of Beyonce. The other individual does not deserve credit by name (at least not here at Grace Today).

But the thought that came to mind this morning was the change in focus for so many of our lives. I grew up spending Sunday nights in church, rarely listened to secular music, did not attend dances and such. None of this seemed odd to me as the youth group and Sunday night services were the ultimate cool thing to participate in ~ at least in my home town. Yes, my home town was two thousand miles away from Sunny and it was an entirely different culture.

We all want to be relevant. That's a huge buzz-word in Christianity and church leadership these days. But I wouldn't trade the focus of my youth for anything ~ even being able to watch MTV for ideas to use on stage at church.

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Beth E. said...

When I was a teen, our church youth choir was IT. We were called the Shalom Singers, and the choir was open to any and all youth. We went on mission trips, we toured, we had area concerts. We sang every Sunday night in our evening worship service, and once a month during the morning worship. Being part of that was a very important part of my Christian growth during those teen years.

It's hard now to get youth to even attend an evening youth meeting/service. Parents do not insist that their kids attend. They don't even bring their kids to church if the kids don't want to be there. There's no accountability.