Carefree Days

Tomorrow, or perhaps today, is my birthday. (It all depends on when you're reading this, eh.) The photo on the right is from one of my best years. It wasn't a birthday celebration ~ just a few friends getting together for some summertime fun. We did that a lot.
Mom would get on the phone (that was plugged into the wall in the hallway) and dial some numbers that all began with JA. We don't have numbers like that anymore. Spur-of-the-minute adventures were one of her specialties.
TV was still in black & white and we were all amazed when we could see Jeannie's beautiful pyjamas, Gilligan's island and Johnny's monologue in color the next year.
But back to the day in the backyard here...we all took our favorite role and put on an impromptu re-creation of the Cinderella story. Everyone must have grabbed their favorite outfit from their dress-up closet and brought it over. I'm the one in white next to the girl who looks like a princess in her lovely red ensemble. My dress was an actual church dress with what might be a tablecloth wrapped around my legs to make it "full-length."
I'm still in touch with a few of the friends in this photo. Some of their moms send us Christmas cards every year. This day was completely free-of-charge ~ and completely priceless. The only expense was for the cupcakes to celebrate. Thanks Mom. For all the good times.


Grace said...

Very strange...Blogger wouldn't accept space between the paragraphs. AAARRGGHHH!

Anonymous said...

What a fun memory :O)

Beth E. said...

Hope you have had a delightful day!

Birthday Blessings to you,

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Too cute!!
Happy Birthday.

sister sheri said...

Fun memories! Thanks for sharing!