Sweet Aroma

Entering a boutique, candle shop or patisserie, I often find I'm swept away by the fragrances. There's nothing like the bold aroma of espresso or baking brownies. Those are some smells I hope we will be able to enjoy in Heaven. Of course, I'm expecting to find ovens baking bread as well....

The past few years, DJ and I have had an ongoing smittering. (That's somewhere between bickering, sniping and smurking.) It's had to do with these lovely little devices called wallflowers. I find them an enhancement to our home and he is just annoyed with them. "Most people try to hide their outlets. What do we do? We decorate them, put lights in them and point them out to our guests...." So when I find the wallflowers with the recently refilled scents of pomegranate-blueberry-fig, mango-mandarin delight or warm vanilla peach pie that he has placed back in the cupboard, I take them out and promptly find new places for them. Frequently.

Shortly after the holidays had ended, I visited a body/bath store and made use of their fragrance sale. We are set for a good year with brown sugar caramel apple and then cranberry spice for next Christmas. I must admit, the outlet must have been set on high and for a few days, I felt perhaps my husband had been correct all along and the scent was too much. But not willing to compromise yet, I assured myself it would quickly fade and our home would just be cozy, warm and welcoming for the winter months to come. (Yes, in California...)

I bundled up on a rainy Monday and stopped in at our local bank. The teller, who was as sweet as you could imagine, motioned me to her window...."Oh, you smell so nice --- just like warm maple sugar!"

Pondering what milder scent we should have in our family room, I began to wonder.....wouldn't it be nice if everyone we met could immediately sense, "Oh, you must be a Christian. You have that sweet aroma of Christ and you're so warm and welcoming!" I think that is the fragrance I'll pursue this year --- with great delight.


sister sheri said...

Dear Grace,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. God's blessings for your new adventure in blogland! BTW I love the scent of apples & cinnamon.

Beloved MaMa said...

The picture you have of your home town...makes me want to come home NOW!!!!!! :0(

Beloved MaMa said...

Here's the conference I was telling you about:
There is also a blog contest going on for a scholarship to the conference