Thanks for stopping by! I've had very kind comments from some good friends. You've encouraged me that I will be able to find direction through this new maze. I'll try to keep you smiling along the way.

DJ and I (and Max) are just about done watching the first season of Lost. Yes, we are behind the times. When the series started, I must confess I was just coming out of a personal time on an island and it didn't interest me a bit. But now --- a few years of healing have passed and we are enjoying this new mystery. So please don't spoil it and give things away if you know what happens to Claire, Jack, Sawyer and the gang.

It's also been raining here lately. There just isn't too much of a better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon in January than watching or reading a good mystery with those you love with a nice fire crackling in the fireplace.

Tonight we're going to a farewell party for some good friends. Those are always hard times, regardless. As it says in the "About Me" section....I'm looking forward to Heaven. I've heard it may be a lot like a barbeque at the beach without a sunset. There will be time to get caught up with everyone you love. Sounds awfully nice on this rainy afternoon.


Anonymous said...

it ALWAYS rains where I live :0)

Anonymous said...

I like this shell best