Patience, Patience

It's a new adventure. My first post. Please have patience with me during this season of learning about posts, links, webdings, drafts and icons. It all seems quite logical, but often in the course of a day, something that should be so easy becomes a challenge.

For example, yesterday I sat down at the piano. Here's the story:
DJ plays piano beautifully and often. Max (our fine four-footed boy) and I enjoy it. I play – a little, once in a blue moon.

I was cleaning out some stuff (again) and found an easy Disney hits book so I sat down to go through “A Whole New World.” On page three, Max came prancing into the living room from the other part of the house where he had been sleeping in the sunshine. He climbed up on the sofa, sat there looking at me and began softly whimpering. I kept searching for those notes in the ledger lines way up high, and then he came over, quite soberly as if in pain, whining without ceasing, and put his paw on my leg. Urging me to follow him, I got up, asked what he wanted and he pulled me into the family room and climbed up in the cozy chair begging me to sit with him.

So much for Alan Menken and his greatest hits.

I'll do my best to get up to speed on this blogging adventure and try to ensure there will not be whimpering when you join me here.



Carol said...

Wow! Great job. When I can't talk to you on the phone, I can check in on your blog to see what's going on. Very cool! I love you much!

Julie said...

Nothing scary about this! Congratulations on another first. A moment of calm and reason in an otherwise crazy day - this was just what I needed. xoxo

Anonymous said...

finally...just what i've been waiting for :)