My Hair ~ O My Hair

There ya go ~ You needed that laugh!  It's a gloomy day here today, and sometimes we need to sit back and chuckle. 

Our hair is such a central part of our identity.  I know it's the one thing I'll spend money on if I don't really have extra money to spend.  Are you that way?  Well, now that the focus of this blog is inspiring stories of hope usually related to our Trevo customers; this is a good one!

Last summer I had a dear friend come and stay with us for a few days.  She basically was using our guest room as a hostel while she visited with family & friends she misses dearly after moving far, far away.  We had a wonderful time together and of course, if someone stays here, they have full Trevo privileges as our guest. 

My friend commented that she seemed to have a bit more energy during her stay & had been able to resist some sweets at the beach party she'd attended.  Great!  But it wasn't until January or so that she called me to order her first bottle of Trevo ~ just for herself.  I think she's beautiful, but she was concerned about her hair.  Can you relate?

"It's so thin & I'm losing my hair!" she said.  O dear.  This isn't one of our strongest bullet points in our Trevo literature.  We talk about Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Energy, Mental Clarity and so on, but I wasn't sure "Hair" was on our list. 

Can you imagine how happy I was to receive this message via email two weeks, yes, two weeks after my buddy started on Trevo??

thought it might interest you...

After only two weeks of using Trevo, this brand new hair (not my old bangs) grew in and grew this fast! And in a place where I was actually losing my hair a lot, before I started Trevo...

Off to a great start!!!
So...I'm not sure if she's gone in for a style like our lovely puppy in the picture, but what a great report! 
If you're looking for great anti-aging support for hair, skin, nails, bones, etc.  Please try Trevo for 90 days.  We're a lifestyle product and results may appear just this quickly for you, or it may be a bit longer.  You may order here at my site. 
Orders may be placed for any of the 21 countries in which we are registered.  Just select your country when requested.  Try the Power of Wellness ~ You're Worth It!

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