Such Guilt

My, my, my...the guilt has taken hold. A new good friend (which can be entirely as wonderful as an old good friend) asked about blogs today. My heart was heavy as I confessed, yes, I have one, and I've been absolutely horrid about maintaining it the past several months.

So dear bloggy buddies ~ I'm going to make a strong attempt to re-enter the life of Orange Momma, Beloved Mama, Faith, Hope & Love Mama, Peace with Elaine, Joy with Desserts and Sheri and her dripping window pane. I know there's a far better explanation for Sheri's blog title, but that's what usually comes to mind.

Things are fine here in Sunny. JJ & Honey are out on their own now in a darling one-bedroom house. Just far enough so DJ and I can't spy on them. I think they're quite fond of the situation.

Max is spending his free time chasing the bunnies in our yard. Yes! I know! It's January and we have bunny visitors! Imagine!

Certainly prompting a few blog posts in the future: We have a new Wii. If you have ever seen me attempt to throw, catch or chase a ball, well ~ I'm sure you're already laughing. I will do my best to keep you updated on the Wii adventures. One thing is most sure ~ Max does not like the tennis game at all. No way.

My dear friend, Janabanana, got married a few months ago. In honor of this I shall now refer to her as Janammm. Spook is still living the wonderful life in Nashville. Honey's sister, Lovely, would like a job, a real job. Actually, Honey would like one too. We'll have to pray harder for these two great young women.

DJ & I have been doing the Daniel Fast this past week. Honestly, DJ kept to it all week and I started on Friday. My body does not tolerate no meat too well. (I'm glad 3 days was a legitimate option.) We're breaking the fast along with the other fast-ers from our church tomorrow morning with communion. I sincerely hope the coffee shop will be open as soon as the pastor says, "Go ~ Eat ~ Enjoy Caffeine" know what I mean?

So that sums up a few of the happenings here in our little village. There's some big football game happening across the way tomorrow. I'll try to share the results with you. Chances are, though, they won't have a visiting choir to sing the National Anthem. That hardly ever happens anymore.


sister sheri said...

Really! A dripping pane? I was just about to post the explanation on my blog again. There are "leaking windows" at the Chinese Garden... they leak the beauty from the inside out... or is it the outside in?

Anyhoo! I guess it is true I live in the Northwest and it is very rainy... and we did have to caulk that one window that was leaking... and the flanges in the roof...

Glad to have you back... dripping window pane and all...

Grace said...

Oh Sheri! Please re-post your beautiful window explanation. The photos on your blog are always so amazing. I would love to link to your explanation. :)

Blessings good friend!

Jana said...

I am not familiar with the Daniel Fast. But, I am enjoying being married and the janammm name sure does fit. My life has become quite wonderful. Especially since Bella came to live with us....sure wish she could come and chase bunnies with Mr. Max!!

Suzanne said...

Found you from Beth's blog! I hear you about blogging...I believe it's a wonderful tool for outreach and journaling and yet sometimes I feel like I'm hiding it!
I post on a regular schedule (5:30am) as to not feel overwhelmed. Any other time, is for fun and reading others' thoughts! :)

Cindy said...

It seems many of us have taken a little bloggy break recently...but it's good to have you back and stop by for a sweet sunny smile!!!
Blessings, Cindy

Watering Mustard Seeds said...

A break is fine, please dont feel guilty.
Blogging is supposed to be pleasurable not turned into a routine that we feel we need to be bound by.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, so glad your making some resolutions regarding your words! We love you, and "me" needs some funnies; serious too, but funnies will do.

I've been reading on facebook about this Daniel fast. Guess I must have missed the memo on that one. No matter. Communion with Jesus has been sweet this week.


elizabeth embracing life said...

Breaks are what I do often. Some months many blogs, some just a few. It's all good.

Anonymous said...

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I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Societal concerns aside... I just hope that as technology further advances, the possibility of downloading our brains onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's one of the things I really wish I could experience in my lifetime.

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Esined said...

Hi! So I think I've read your blog before but didn't know who you were! This was before I knew how to follow anyone and I remember I totally related to you post and how awesome you are at writing! When I see you next, I will ask you about the subject and maybe you can share with me where to read it again.

:) D

Beth E. said...

What??? No mention of Outnumbered, Three to One??? I'm shocked, Grace...shocked! ;-) lol

So glad to have you back in blog land!

We have a Wii, too...definite blog fodder for the days ahead!