Simple Beauty

There may be a personality test with these questions on the internet somewhere. It seems they have one for every persuasion possible these days... But I've been wondering ~

Please pick your favorite Christmas event:
  • The Rockettes in concert
  • A big boat parade with Santas on each vessel
  • Dancing the night away to big band music
  • Pondering the birth of Christ to a single guitar playing "Silent Night" in a candle-lit sanctuary

For me - it's the last one, hand's down. I love parades of most any sort. I enjoy the Rockettes and amazed at how they do what they do. I don't really dance (except for that number in "Two From Galilee), but simple beauty at Christmas ~ well, it just can't be topped in my book.

So what does that reveal about me? My Starbucks quiz says I'm easy to please although somewhat particular. My art style quiz says I like to dream up my own civilization or such... I honestly can't recall what either summary of my psyche 'truly' revealed. But this I know ~ To think of the King of Heaven coming to earth to rescue folk like me, as a little baby... wonder and awe seem to be the celebration of choice this year. God becoming man. Watching movies like "Elf" doesn't seem to quite to cut it.


sister sheri said...

Yes, may I join you in the sanctuary? All the difference... it makes all the difference...

elizabeth embracing life said...

Nothing brings my heart into worship than the silent night, o holy night of our Lord Jesus' birth.

Beth E. said...

Yes, yes, yes...I want to join you in the sanctuary, too. :o)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Dancing the night away to big band music (ok...big band is a stretch), but I've got some dancing in my bones. Plan on doing a lot of it in heaven.