Just a while back dear Liz at Kentucky Bound tagged me... That is always such a compliment. This one is titled, " The 7 Song Tag" and that sounded (sorry) like such fun. I'm supposed to list my seven favorite songs for this summer. The rules didn't include saying why I was enjoying them, but I'm going to go ahead and pontificate on that a bit.

  • Sand on My Feet recorded by Donna Summer on "Crayons" ~ It just makes me feel happy! I'm spending a lot more time at the beach or near it this year. And that's a good thing!
  • Amazing Grace/My Chains Fell Off ~ I love this Chris Tomlin version of the old hymn. It's right up there with the Wintley Phipps version, but that one isn't 'special' for the summer.
  • What a Wonderful World ~ I've always loved this song. It's on a couple cds that I have in the changer presently. (I know, I need an IPod. I'll bring that up with the Birthday Fairy also.)
  • Cuppycake ~ It's just so adorable. I heard it first on Amy's blog (Life and Times of Life at Home) and then my dear friend, CCR, referred it to me as well. So it's a double-hitter!
  • Summertime ~ An old favorite as well. I've got in on my playlist recorded by Scarlett Johansson. Nobody seems to know about 'Porgy & Bess' and I think it's cool that this young actress/singer recorded it.
  • Give Me Jesus ~ I fell in love with these lyrics the first time I heard Fernando Ortega and saw him sing it with the cellist and classical guitarist. Wow ~ That just sums it up.
  • It Is Well ~ as recorded by Selah. If you've read the blog, you'll understand. This is a classic hymn for all time, but given the circumstances of the spring, I hear this and remember God's faithfulness and the Peace He gives regardless of our situations.

So there we have it! I'm supposed to pass this on to seven friends, so here goes:


Amy said...

Alrighty, I'm goin' for it!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Get over to the blog when you can! I had an amazing moment with God today.


Please tell Josh, English would be my preference, although in any language, he's a dream.