Out to Lunch

We've had a lovely time this weekend visiting with some good friends who are here from Far Away. We're showing them all the sights in Sunny and laughing more than is probably legal. As JJ is loading up this morning to take off for University, it's been a good distraction as we usually get fairly teary-eyed to see him go.

Saturday we drove down to the harbor and amazingly passed by four weddings that were taking place there. Four! We chuckled at the first one and by the time we reached the last one --- well, we were just plain laughing out loud. You see they were all set up with flowers, rented chairs, arches, djs, buffets and all the trappings of formal weddings --- in places like parking lots, grassy areas just off the highway and, ridiculously, the last one we passed was in the middle of a traffic island. (I kept looking around to see where I should be smiling for the camera.)

As we were watching the wedding party having all their photos made in the middle of the traffic island, we heard the rumblings of a large truck. The wedding had obviously just ended. And there it came....Raphael's Party Rentals. They pulled up right behind the Bride & Groom, Moms & Dads and all the kin folk. Next thing we knew, they had carts loading up the flowers and pulling out the chairs from underneath Grandma.

The wedding just across the road on the lawn of the nice restaurant was just starting, so I'm sure they were watching the big truck also. But then again, maybe the two weddings were sharing the flowers....

We had a nice Sunday lunch with our friends yesterday. After I loaded the photos on the computer, I realized how much everyone here in Sunny is getting into the Olympic Spirit....

(DJ and our dear friend from Up North)


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Have the Olympics started? Really? (just kidding...sort of). My heart's not in it this go around. I'm more into the Olympic sport that catapulted my kids back to school this morning.

Gold medal for me on the East coast and one large and loud victory dance via these feet!


Anonymous said...

oh my...speedy weddings... Let's hope JJ's and Honey's are much more relaxing.... I don't want the chair taken out from under me!